Young, Wild, & Three - Ellie's Third Birthday Party!


Hello mamas! This post is a little late (like 3 months) but it's finally here and I'm so excited to share with you Ellie's Third Birthday Party! I worked with some INCREDIBLE companies that helped me bring my vision of Ellie's party to life! Ps. How is my baby even 3?! (Que the tears). Ellie's First Birthday theme was "Winter Onederland", and her second theme was "Tea for Two" so I wanted to continue on the tradition of using her age into the theme and my sweet friend came up with the amazing "Young, Wild, & Three"! And yes, I already have her theme picked out for her Fourth birthday and I CANT WAIT till you get to see what it is! Eeekkk!


We had most of our closest family and friends come over on a Saturday afternoon for a small party to celebrate Ellie. We indulged in Teepee shaped PB&J sandwiches (What kid doesn't like a good PB&J), fruit "arrow" Kabobs, Trail Mix, LOTS of desserts and sweets, and some amazing flavored lemonades. I'm going to share (a slight overload) of photos from her birthday, and the amazing people that helped it come together! I will list all sources and links throughout this post, make sure to check them out!

I wanted the decor and food of the party to incorporate earthy elements and boho vibes with wood stands, arrows, cactus's, dream catchers, flowers, fringe, and of course, Teepees. These super cute "Geode Cupcakes" seemed to fit right into the theme, and they were SO EASY to make!

To make your own Geode Cupcakes-

1. Make your favorite cupcake recipe. THIS is ours. 

2. Make your favorite frosting. THIS is ours. (we also used this recipe for the cake and just added pink food coloring!)

3. Crush up Rock Candy Sticks, and put them on top. THATS IT! (We chose to use Purple, Brown, White, and Blue, but you can use any colors!)


This cake is SO easy to make, and if you are planning on making a layered cake, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing THIS set! I use it every time I make a cake and it's under $12!

For the flowers I went to Hobby Lobby and picked a couple different types and put them together for the topper. Make sure you go when the flowers are 50% because they can get pretty pricey if not!


I really wanted to go with these wood+ pink painted utensils from Zurchers because, well, they were TOO cute to resist! They were $10.83 for a pack of 24 but are now sold out:(  (If you want to DIY and save some money you can buy a pack of 150 unpainted wood utensils and paint the ends yourself, for only $7.99 (HERE))

Pink Plates & Napkins: Zurchers

S'more Cups: Recipe HERE (I left mine in the oven too long but they still tasted SO good!)


Sugar Cone Teepee: These turned out so cute and took only a couple minutes to make! 

1. Take your leftover frosting from your cake + Cupcakes and roll the bottom of your sugar cone in it, as well as a small amount on the top. 

2. Roll the bottom of the cone in a plate of sprinkles while the frosting is still soft so they stick!

3. Break preztel sticks in half and set them in your frosting on the top! (I had to hold them for a minute for the frosting to set or they slid all over)


Trail Mix Bags: Sixpence Press

Flower Arrangement: Hobby Lobby (I just used extra pieces from the cake topper)

Teepee: Tennessee Teepee

Arrows: Hammer and Honey


Mersades Ride-on Car: Target

TeePee: Tnee's Tpee

Faux Fur Rug: Target 

One of my FAVORITE things about Ellie's party was putting together the Thank You bags for all of Ellie's sweet little friends. They were all so happy when they opened the bags and saw SO MANY GOODIES! They were filled with handmade arrows (pictured above... and look at those details!), lots of assorted candies, beaded bracelets, Hair Ties & Custom Cookies (both pictured below). Tell me that isn't the BEST goodie bag?!


Handmade Arrows: Hammer and Honey

Customized Hair Ties: Love Mia Co

Custom boho cookies: Mjtabush


Thank you for visiting! If you have any questions or comments leave them below!



Emili Egan